Philosophising with Clancy Tucker, Author of Gunnedah Hero

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Supporting other writers matters. An interview with Clancy Tucker.

Story: Silvana Nagl

Interview: Carolyn Martinez

Clancy Tucker, author of Gunnedah Hero, is a philosophising type and a man on a mission, to selflessly promote the work of fellow writers, provide a supportive community and to encourage new and emerging writers to have a go. 

An author himself, Clancy knows the challenges of finding avenues to promote a book, once all the hard work of writing has been completed.

Because writing is such a solitary existence, Clancy says that connecting with, and supporting other writers is vital.  He believes there is strength in numbers, and it’s one of the many reasons he created his ‘eclectic’ daily blog, which features interviews with writers from around the world.  A promoter of creativity, he also interviews musicians, illustrators and poets.

A man of many talents, he’s amongst other things, a published author; Gunnedah Hero just one of 11 books he’s written, he’s also a publisher, photographer, human rights activist and social justice campaigner.

He’s been short-listed and highly commended in numerous contests and was awarded a two-week mentorship by the National Education & Employment Foundation. His book Gunnedah Hero won two Australian literary awards.

A former speechwriter and farmer, Clancy is now a full-time writer who also lectures at the University of The Third Age (U3A), and mentors more than 48 aspiring writers around Australia.

Clancy has published ‘Gunnedah Hero’ as paperback and the eBook format is available here. The sequel, ‘A Drover’s Blanket’ has just been published.

Clancy’s latest release is ‘KY’ and is the story of a young Muslim refugee in Australia who is bullied. This story won an award in the Australian National Literary Awards in 2006 and can purchased here

In this week’s interview, Carolyn Martinez asks Clancy about what motivates him to promote the work of other authors, how to run a blog, photography and a host of other topics.

Q: Why do you use blog to promote writers and books?

It’s a tough gig, and we should encourage and support each other. Why not? We are all in this together. Here is a quote from Helen Keller, Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.’

Q: Can you share with us a link to one of your favourite stories?

It’s difficult to think of one particular link on my blog. There are so many to choose. However, I’m also an award-winning photographer, and I like to promote top photographic works. I do enjoy reading the answers to some of my interview questions. Some are stunning. Having said that, here is the link to an amazing guest:

Monique Cain – Guest Author, Mother, and Autism Activist

Q: What do you enjoy most about photography?

Looking outside the box, taking a photograph, then punching the air when I see it on my laptop. Many shots I’ve taken are ones that most people would never have perceived. Today, most folks use mobile phones, but they take brilliant photographs as well. However, I like to see folks with a ‘Real’ camera. They are like me, serious photographers, wanting to capture a moment in time. 

Oh, I often say to people, ‘That moment when you are looking at something through a lens, is a very private moment that no one in the world is sharing.’

Q: Why do believe reading is important?

Teach someone to read, and they can educate themselves. Join a library and see the world.

Q: Do you buy/borrow books written by self-published authors? Why or why not?

Sometimes I do, purely to encourage them and offer my support. Having been a writer / author/ poet for a long time, I often help people to have their books printed. I’ve learnt a lot, and I like to pass on my knowledge. Why not, eh? Life’s short.

Q: What types of books do you like to read? What are some of the most recent books you’ve read and loved?

I often read books that I’ve published. It’s an interesting exercise to learn how far you’ve come. Other than that, I like biographies, especially books about famous activists; mainly women. I’ve also read hundreds of books about the holocaust. Having visited four concentration camps back in the 70’s, I became engrossed in trying to find out why it happened. Those visits also fired me up to become a social justice activist and human rights campaigner.  

So, current book I’m reading is, ‘Keating – The inside story’by John Edwards. This is a top read about one of our former Prime Ministers, Paul Keating.

Q: What does the future hold for bloggers?

Who knows? It’s an ever-changing world. Sadly, as with mobile phones, people are forgetting to talk to people … face to face. 

More information about Clancy Tucker, his books, including Gunnedah Hero can be found here.

Silvana Nagl

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