Natalie Lowndes’ Biography is a Definite 5-star Read!

Reviewer Penny George

Penny George won a Hawkeye competition to review Just Nat: Life in the fast lane with Natalie Lowndes. These are her words:

As I was reading Just Nat – Life in the fast lane with Nat Lowndes – by Natalie Kile, I felt as though I was being given an intimate look into a private and amazing woman’s life.

In Nat’s own words

Natalie Lownde’s story is told in her own words, with the assistance of interviews with friends, loved ones and her children, some of which may only have encountered Nat once, others have known her for decades, some are Australian household names, whilst others are referenced by just a first name, but all are as important as each other in the telling of Nat’s story, and it is one hell of a story.

The author plays the role of narrator and storyteller perfectly, filling in the details and making the book flow beautifully. 

Much more than you imagine

To some, Nat may be known as the former wife of Supercar racing legend, Craig Lowndes, and if you are looking for insight into that world, there is plenty in these pages to keep even the most diehard motorsport fan happy.

But if you, like me, are looking to find out who this lovely lady is, you will find that she is a smart, determined, driven business woman, a primary producer and a true blue Aussie who loves nothing more than a campfire by a creek in a flannie and pluggers.

At the heart of everything Nat does and says is a woman dedicated to her kids – they are her world and she is a devoted mum who has had to be full-time mum and dad since the day they were born, due to factors beyond her control.

Nat is obviously an extremely capable woman, she has quietly achieved things in her life that others can only dream of and I’m so glad that she agreed to let the author share those with the world.

Kindness isn’t an option

This is a story of kindness, of belief in other people – a beautiful example of what one little girl from Kallangur achieved purely by believing she could, following her heart and her head, and working really hard.

Nat was given nothing in life and yet has given so much to others, and we can all learn from her kindness, courage and dignity.

I would absolutely recommend this book.

It is an easy flowing read that would make a fabulous gift idea to anyone and covers a lot of different topics from free camping and caravanning around Australia, through to sibling safety tips (such as don’t spear your sibling, just don’t).

I thank Natalie Lowndes for sharing her story, and I commend the author, Natalie Kile, for presenting it brilliantly. Definitely 5 stars!

You can buy Just Nat through Hawkeye, or any good bookstore.

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