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Natalie Kile has a Bachelor of Journalism from Qld University of Technology. While working as a freelance journalist to get a ‘foot in the door’, she trained as a Motorcycle Instructor to pay the bills.

At 24 years old, she was hit by a car and would spend the next year in recovery, sustaining injuries until today.

Her career took a different trajectory – Business Admin, Mystery Shopper and Queensland manager of Motoring Women where her tasks included teaching women how to change tyres.

Natalie’s favourite quote is, ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself,’ – Bernard Shaw.

Her first ever job was to make her grandfather laugh by telling a good story. When he died, she stopped telling those stories.

As a teenager she loved cars and bikes, a love that’s never left her. She has since become a mother of two beautiful children. One morning, she woke up with a life-altering thought; she decided to go back to her first ever job – making people laugh and telling good stories.

Natalie lives in South East Queensland with her two daughters.

Author Q & A

What do you love most about being an author?

Being a first time author has been a journey of self-doubt and yet also an awakening of what I am capable of doing when I put my heart and mind into something. I have learned so much along the way about myself and the process of writing from birth of the idea to the task of writing; learning to never take rejection personally and to acknowledge that writing a manuscript – although it feels like a mammoth task and a mammoth achievement – of which it is – it also only half of the journey.

Why did you decide to write Just Nat?

I always wanted to use my super powers for telling stories for good and not evil. It has been on my ‘bucket list’ since turning 40 to challenge myself and just see where it takes me. Instead of bungee jumping or sky diving I chose something a little harder and dared myself to give writing a book a go. 

Tell us about your hobbies?

Reading philosophical books, buying second hand wooden furniture and other wooden things and putting them in my pile of ‘one day I will do that up and bring it back to life and it will look great again’. I love taking my hyperactive Kelpie dog Tilly for bushwalks, yoga, meditation and swimming in the ocean.

Favourite books?

I don’t like the word favourite because these days there is so much choice and your favourite can change so rapidly. I have a lot of different favourites where books are concerned and it becomes a genre dependant kind of thing. For children’s books it has to be J. K. Rowlings’ Harry Potter series. I totally enjoyed reading those to my kids before I would let them watch the movies.

The book that made me cry for the first time, and when I re-read it, even though I knew what was coming, I still cried – was Bryce Courtney’s – The Power of One.

I guess the book that has inspired me the most would have to be The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I really loved the message inside that book, and it wasn’t just stated to you, you have to read it and go on the journey to understand what that story is telling you and that is to pursue your dreams by following what your heart desires.

I try to read whatever my kids are reading so that we can create a mini book-club and discuss the book over dinner. I fell in love with Suzanne Collins’s – The Hunger Games. I find myself equating life to so many themes inside that series of books. My daughters tell me that they are glad that I didn’t read it before I was pregnant, as they suspect that I would have named one of them Katniss after the main character. That is probably true…

Most loved movies?

Again, I don’t have a favourite movie of all time – but I still cannot get past Avatar and anything by Quentin Tarantino.

Tell us about your favourite holiday destinations?

Anywhere dog friendly as I have a Kelpie and although they are loyal and intelligent, they need lots of space and exercise – so putting them in a kennel is not always great. So anything that involves the beach and ocean. Once a year I try to go to Stradbroke Island for a few days as it’s on the doorstep of Brisbane and it’s just such a beautiful place to ‘fill up your cup’ and recharge your batteries before heading back to your normal life. 

Favourite way to spend the weekends?

As a single mum, my weekends become filled with my kids’ sporting commitments, but by the end of the weekend, I like nothing more than a Sunday roast and an outdoor fire to close off the weekend and begin the next week.

Share with us what drives you to write?

When I am writing I am in my happy place. Here comes the cliche – but from a very early age, before devices and constant television – I used to write stories in a journal for my entertainment. It has become my ‘happy place’. I tend to write a lot of fictitious stories, ideas, even characters and plots. I carry a note book in my handbag, and when something in real life inspires me I take a few notes.

Are you writing more books?

I would love to write another biography. I really think there is a value in hearing the stories of accidental celebrities – the stories of resilience and hardship. At times, it is these stories that are just as interesting as the more famous people. It’s always fascinating hearing the stories and real life events of people and then comparing to what you thought they were… and at times seeing how wrong you were.

How do you juggle life and writing?

I am studying a Diploma of Psychological Science as I find the human mind and behaviours very fascinating. Let’s see where it takes me.

If you could tell the world one thing, what is it?

Bernard Shaw’s comment is something that I try to live by – “Life is not about finding yourself, its about creating yourself.” That and Friedrich Nietzsche who said: “Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.”

Would you like readers to contact you?

Yes… readers can contact me on my Author’s Facebook page Natalie Kile Author, or via the Hawkeye contact page here.


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