Michel Vimal du Monteil

Michel Vimal du Monteil signed with Hawkeye Publishing in February 2021 for his debut novel, Where There is a Will.

Michel Vimal du Monteil, Author of Where There is a Will.

Born in provincial France in 1955, in a military family, Michel left home as a teenager to pursue business administration studies. Rugby and boxing kept him sane during his university years. Yachting was also an important part of his life. So whenever time permitted he embarked on sailing adventures around Europe and North Africa.

In 1979, Michel arrived in Sydney on a 16-month assignment with the French Australian Chamber of Commerce. And so Australia became his home from then on. Michel had a stint running a windsurfing and sailing school on Hayman Island in the Whitsundays. He worked at SBS TV in its early days. And he was a voice-over artist, a trade consultant, a translator, and a conference interpreter. In 1988, by fluke, he embarked on an investment banking career in Sydney, from which he retired in 2011.

In 2013, Michel and his wife Annemieke settled in their new home at beautiful Emerald Beach, on the NSW Coffs Coast. Other than writing, Michel enjoys playing music with friends at open mic pub sessions and pursuing a number of sporting endeavours including surfing, golf, cycling, swimming. When time permits, Michel and Annemieke are keen travellers. They travel domestically on motorbikes or in their 4WD. And internationally to catch up with friends and family, revisit old tramping grounds and discover new ones.

Where There is a Will Synopsis:

After a sixty-year old man disappears in the surf, his devastated godchildren are summoned to a meeting in his Sydney home. Surfing, fishing, financial skulduggery, a coming of age, and a strange character with amnesia are the backdrop to this roller-coaster thriller. There is a fine line between memories and reality in a search for the truth along the east coast of Australia.

We are thrilled to bring Where There is a Will by Michel Vimal du Monteil to you. It’s a stellar read.

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Where There is a Will Book Cover


New release – Where There is a Will, Australian Rural and Regional News

Coffs Coast News featuring Michel’s debut novel.

Michel at his book launch at Coffs Harbour’s The Book Warehouse.

Book Reviews:

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A page-turner! From the beginning of the novel, with a vivid description of surfing big waves, to the mystery that ensues, and until the denouement, I just could not stop reading. It has a clever plot, intriguing characters, and great descriptions of the Australian landscape. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dominique Goupil, retired CEO, San Francisco. Goodreads review.

Very much liked your book. Intriguing story; whereas I prefer to read historical biographies, I find reading your book interesting and particularly the ending….particularly that it leaves room for a continuation of the story.

Werner, via email

Hi Michel, This is Robin who purchased your novel from Red Rock Jam session. It was a fast read and a good ride and page turner and finished it yesterday. Enjoyed the read Michel wanting more. So many stories to be added, and yes TV series, excellent. Wondering how Paul’s life continued with Jill, the twins etc. etc. Robin

Robin, via Facebook

I couldn’t put down this amazing story of a surfer suffering amnesia. The characters were believable, the story proceeds at an exciting pace, the twists and turns are many and varied and ultimately the conclusion is both surprising and satisfying. I hope there is more to come in the future.

Stephen Glover, Goodreads review

You can read more great testimonials on the Hawkeye book page here, or on Goodreads here.

New Authors Collective:

Michel Vimal du Monteil is represented by agent Michael Cybulski from the New Authors Collective. The New Authors Collective has 390+/- wonderful volunteers committed to authors and publishers. More.

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