Mark Rafidi

Mark Rafidi, surfer, teacher, and author, navigates life between the words and waves on Murramarang Country of the NSW south coast. Coming from mixed heritage, his stories explore identity, belonging, and the intricacies of Australian society.

A published author of three books, Mark is not afraid to delve into diverse genres. He interviewed picture book creators in Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, crafted a nuanced portrait of displacement in his creative nonfiction novel Ishmael’s Oud, and unleashed a young adult adventure in The Library at the Edge of the World.

Drawn to the written word since his Bachelor of Arts in literature and writing, Mark spent a decade teaching and immersing himself in books. Since then, he completed a Doctorate of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) and has published numerous journal articles.

Salt Runs Through had been bouncing around in Mark’s head for years. It would have quite happily remained there were it not for one fateful meeting with a former student over a cup of coffee.

Now, he juggles writing with his passion for education. When not creating, you’ll find him catching waves with more enthusiasm than skill, cooking up feasts for his family, or indulging in his love for jazz.

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