Long-List Announcements for Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition 2020

This year’s Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition was themed ‘If Only’. We were inundated with entries, and thank those writing groups, writing centres and writing magazines that spread the word. It’s thrilling to see the level of writing talent focussing their energy on short stories.

Congratulations to these talented long-listed winners of the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition.

The majority of entrants came from Australia, but we also got some from as far afield as Canada, the United Kingdom and France. Congratulations to the following (in alphabetical order) who are the long-listed winners who will be published in this year’s winners’ anthology:

  1. A Miss is as Good as a Mile – Peter Buttery
  2. Another Day – Kathryn Thacker
  3. Bird Skull Lady – Diane Greenwood
  4. Child: Goddess: Sister – Claire Hampson
  5. Coffee Hearts and Clover Leaves – Christopher Bantick
  6. Courage – Edita Mujkic
  7. Fate’s Lament – Tristan Hull
  8. Firebirds – Nicole Rain Sellers
  9. Five Minutes – Jack Garrety
  10. Freedom & Hope – Jean Stewart
  11. Home – Freya Bourke
  12. Hope Springs – Hayley Myors
  13. I Was a Cat – Matthew George
  14. If Only – Rowena Harding-Smith
  15. If Only – Colleen Russell
  16. If Only – Diane Clarke
  17. Inside & Outside – Paul Traynor
  18. Is It A Wonderful Life – Eric Blair
  19. La Loca – Dawn Edmonds
  20. Lest We Forget – Bridget Hertag – Trumpet Player’s Mother
  21. Little Leaf – David Lin
  22. Mary the Flasher – Simone Busch
  23. Mint Tea. Morocco. Me. – Fran Willcox
  24. My Dad is my Hero – Michaela Hatfield
  25. Rainy Afternoons & Morning Ice-Cream – Kaitlyn Dilley
  26. Rocco & Bernadette – Ian Andrews
  27. Saved – Peter Long
  28. Seven to Six – James Voyce
  29. Silence – Ilija Sekulovski
  30. Stop.Go. – Alida Galati
  31. The Disc Slides In… Click – Deborah Huff-Horwood
  32. The End of an Era – Maddison Greer
  33. The Equation – Nicole Kelly
  34. The Examination – Agi Dobson
  35. The Harmonica – Pinchas Birnbaum
  36. The Sleepover – Taya Reid
  37. Timeless End – Brendan Murphy
  38. True Colours – Gillian Brown
  39. Water is my Favourite Drink – Fun Lam
  40. Winners – Helen Booth
  41. Witless Wings – Francesco Moramarco

To those disappointed entrants who didn’t make the long-list, judges have a message – don’t be disheartened. We received no ‘bad’ entries, and everyone who entered this year’s competition showed a level of writing talent and should continue to pursue their writing. Next week we will announce the Top 10 Short List. Then, along with the winner’s announcement in two weeks’ time, we’ll publish a feature article that will include comments from the judges on what made the above 41 stories stand out above the field.

You may notice that our list is 41 instead of 40. This year we had a primary school principal encourage his students to enter our competition so we decided to also publish the Winning Under 18 entry. Interestingly, that entrant, though only 10 years of age, actually made it into the Top 40 when judged in the open category. Judges were unaware of entrants’ names and ages when deciding the Open Category Long-List. Fortunately for one lucky entrant, that meant we had one more space to fill. We won’t give away who was originally voted number 41, but gee it was good to include them. It’s always heartbreaking to look at the 41st rated entrant and to know here at Hawkeye just how close they came to being published and being unable to tell them. This year, we don’t have to!

Congratulations to this year’s long-list. Your stories are delightful and your writing vivid. We can’t wait to share your stories with everyone in the upcoming anthology.

Finally a massive thank you to our wonderful judges L. E. Daniels, Daniel Brown, Michelle Murray-Cox, Lynette Hammond, and Carolyn Martinez.

Next year’s Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition is themed ‘Courage’. Entries will close in August 2021, and the website will be updated soon with the entry form and guidelines.

All entrants long-listed in the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition receive a free copy of the anthology – this not insignificant expense is made possible because our wonderful judges volunteer their time.

Remember, if you’ve got a manuscript you’ve been sitting on, the current Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize closes on 31st December 2020.

Carolyn Martinez

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