Learn to Draw Stylised Fan Art

Just $25pp for a rare 1-hour workshop.

Kyle Tweed

Illustrator Kyle Tweed guides participants, line by line, to draw animated characters.

After the recent success of Learn to Draw workshops for young kids, we’re opening this up for adults and teenagers due to demand.

This is a fun workshop suitable for all drawing abilities. Delivered online over zoom into your home. You need only paper, pencils, felt pens, and your computer with zoom. The line by line instruction means that you’ll leave the workshop with drawings that you didn’t know you could do.

Kyle will take requests for particular characters.

Two sessions available:
2pm – 3pm Saturday 15th August 2020
2pm – 3pm Saturday 22nd August 2020

Each session will be different, so if you love the first, you might like to attend the second as well.

To register, email us your details and the date you’d like to attend, and we’ll send you an invoice to confirm your registration.

Limited to 25 participants.

To see more of Kyle Tweed’s artwork visit his Kyljoy facebook page.

To support Kyle and send some royalties to an artist, purchase picture book Pelican’t Do It for the 4-6 year olds in your circle. Pelican’t Do It explores growth mindset.

Carolyn Martinez

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