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Kyle Tweed is a Talented Illustrator. He has a Bachelor of 3D Animation and is passionate about concept art, music and bringing a sense of humour into work and art. Kyle’s first children’s picture book is due for release in three months, in partnership with children’s author, Cate Sawyer. More details on that to be revealed real soon. You can follow Illustrator Kyle Tweed and his art here, where you can purchase books he’s illustrated as well as his stunning canvases. To keep apprised of Kyle’s new artworks and books, sign up for our newsletter.

In Conversation With Children’s Book Illustrator Kyle Tweed:

Growing up in the small populated town of Hervey Bay I always wanted to make something of myself as a creative person, not a lot of people were offered jobs or career paths so it seemed like from the beginning I was behind the 8-ball. When I was younger I enjoyed drawing and it was brought to my attention very fast by my year 3 teacher that I should’ve been working on my maths sums instead. I constantly wanted to build my skills and grow as an artist so I never had the pencil out of my hand. 

Going through High School more peers around me acknowledged my talent which helped for assignments that involved art and design, I’d trade my skill for their study time and walk away with half of the overall mark. 

By grade 12 I had applied for a Bachelor of 3D Animation at an art academy where I was accepted before I had even graduated. University was an eye opener as I had the ground knowledge for drawing but by this time I couldn’t trade my art for study time and had to teach myself time management to accommodate the pressure of higher education study. Because I didn’t teach myself this skill through high school I ended up failing one class which forced me to re-take the class finishing my course 13 weeks later than expected. I was mad at myself for letting this happen but I turned that frustration into motivation and Graduated with a High Distinction – later entering my final assignment into a competition and winning ‘Best Animated Film’. 

Since leaving university I take any opportunity to network with other artists in multiple genres to further develop my skills and techniques and hopefully help inspire them.

Artwork by Children’s Book Illustrator Kyle Tweed:

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