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Headshot of Kieren Fitz-Gibbon, author of The Magic Trampoline

Kieren Fitz-Gibbon is a full-time engineer, part-time author, and devoted father to 4 adventurous boys.

The Magic Trampoline is his first book. He is currently working on the second, and I’ve read the draft – it’s delightful! I am most definitely looking forward to adding Kieren’s second book to this post.

A Word from the Author of The Magic Trampoline, Kieren Fitz-Gibbon

The Magic Trampoline is the story I told my four children as their bedtime story for several years.

It was a great idea for a story because there was no limit to the adventures we could have.

Soon enough – after about 30 different adventures of going to Planet Tiny, the moon, Jupiter, Planet Crocodile, the South Pole, Disneyland and many other places I can’t even recall – I realised the boys really LOVED it!

It has turned into a great adventure story book and they love it more and more.

Telling stories to my boys and reading books of all sorts to all of them at all stages of their lives has been something my wife and I do just as much for our enjoyment as for their learning, imagination and self-development

I hope you like it! I hope your children and grand-children LOVE it. For my boys, it is the best ever bedtime reading book for Kids.

Use The Magic Trampoline how I use it – tell your children great, wonderful and adventurous stories. I can assure you – you won’t have to think too hard – soon the kids will tell the story for you.

You can find The Magic Trampoline in our online bookstore.

To connect directly with the author of The Magic Trampoline, Kieren Fitz-Gibbon go to his website.

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