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Children’s author Janet Reid has three Junior Readers – Trouble for Toby, The Ruby Bottle, and Granny Rags.

She’s won 2 IP Awards, and Trouble for Toby was recently placed on the Victorian Premier’s Recommended Reading List for primary schools.

Straight from the Author Herself:

I grew up on a dairy farm outside a small town called Goomeri in South-East Queensland, and as the youngest of four, I followed my siblings into more adventures than I can remember.

On my fifth birthday, I started school. The school had one classroom, one teacher, and I learned to write on a slate. In the lunch hour, the whole school would play together – Red Rover or Rounders, which was a game like softball.

After going to boarding school in Brisbane for high school, I studied to be a teacher and moved around Queensland, teaching in many different primary and preschools. Working in classrooms has given me lots of ideas for my stories.

In 2011, my first book, The Ruby Bottle, won the IP Picks Junior Prose Competition and was published the following year. Then my second book, Granny Rags, came first in the same competition in 2012, and was released in 2013.

Although I no longer teach, I still enjoy going into classrooms, talking to children and encouraging them to write, and read. And if I’m not writing, I like reading or listening to audiobooks, catching up with friends over a coffee, quilting, or crocheting rugs for charity.

I live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane with my husband, Alistair, and our spoilt cat, Kelsey. Our two sons have left home, but sometimes they come back and stay with us for a while.

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Her Full Booklist:

Trouble for Toby – Wombat Books, 2018 (Early Reader)

Granny Rags – IPKidz 2013 (Middle Grade Novel)

The Ruby Bottle – IPKidz 2012 (Middle Grade Novel)

Author Bio:

Janet Reid loves writing stories for children, and often goes into schools and libraries for workshops, readings, and craft activities. When she isn’t writing, she’ll be reading, or learning more about local history.

Best Part of Being an Author:

Author Janet Reid at the book signing of Trouble for Toby.
Author Janet Reid at the book signing of Trouble for Toby.

There’s no better reward for an author than signing a book you have written.

The thing I love most about being an author is seeing that book in print and being able to say, “I wrote this”.

Favourite Holiday Destination:

When I go on holidays, I want to see something I haven’t seen before. The dinosaur stampede at Winton might be my next favourite destination.


Quilting, when I have time.

Favourite Movie:

I like any movie that has a strong female character in it – Tangled, Brave, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – are up there.I’m a fan of anything with Keira Knightly in it – she always plays a strong female character.

Favourite Book:

John Marsden’s Tomorrow series would be up there at the top.

Favourite TV Show:

I don’t watch much TV, but I love Dr Martin when it’s on.

Favourite Way to Spend a Sunday Night:

I can’t think of a nicer way to finish Sunday than with a cheese platter and a glass of red wine.

Favourite Quote:

A quote from James Thurber – “Don’t get it right, get it written” – is one that keeps me writing.

Best Thing a Reader Has Said to You:

“When is your next book coming out?” I love it when someone asks this. It means they want to read more of your work.

What Inspires You to Write:

I write because it’s a challenge. Playing golf would be a challenge for me too, but I’ll stick to the writing.

Your Take on the Self-Publishing Book Industry:

I think it’s great we have this opportunity now. It means we as writers can publish, even if we know our book won’t make a best-selling list. We don’t have to give up our dreams of being published. You can still hold it and be proud.

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