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Former detective Jack Roney is the author of The Angels Wept, the first book in the Detective Jarrod O’Connor Series.

The Police Officer

Jack grew up in Toowoomba, Queensland, and fulfilled his boyhood dream of becoming a police officer. As a result, he joined the police academy straight out of high school.

Then throughout his 32-year career, he served in regional and metropolitan areas as a:

  • general duties patrol officer,
  • detective,
  • academy facilitator,
  • firearms and operational skills instructor,
  • strategic policy writer,
  • and media officer.

Jack studied Leadership, Management and Justice Administration and holds a Diploma in Public Safety. He moved to Brisbane and has taken a career break from policing to focus on writing.

The Writer

His first novel shortlisted in the Wattpad Watties Awards 2018. He has completed courses with Brisbane Writers Workshop and Curtis Brown Creative to hone his writing skills.

In 2020 Jack was selected for the Queensland Writers Centre Printable Program. He accepted the QWC Fishbowl Residency in 2021.

He has always had a secret passion for reading and writing and therefore drew on his experiences when he first began writing crime fiction. His bookshelves are overflowing with James Patterson novels and his three-book crime thriller series was influenced by Patterson’s fast-paced, gritty style.

In 2020 he departed from writing crime thrillers and wrote a speculative fiction novel titled ‘The Ghost Train and the Scarlet Moon.’ He consequently came to the attention of Hawkeye Publishing when this manuscript shortlisted in the 2021 Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize, coming second overall.

Ghost Train & The Scarlet Moon

This coming-of-age story follows Toby McIntyre’s journey to uncover the truth behind the disappearances of his two best friends, who vanished on the same day 35 years apart. A deadly train crash in 1947 and a rare lunar event hold the key to solving the mystery.

The Pathway to Publishing

Because of feedback from Hawkeye judges and a manuscript assessment by editor Lauren Daniels, the manuscript was given a major overhaul. It was then later signed by Hawkeye for a traditional publishing contract.

Jack is an avid football (soccer) fan and lover of Star Wars and coffee. He is most content at home with his family and their three fur babies – Charlie the Burmese cat, Louie the golden Labrador and Freddie the black Spoodle.

Books by Jack Roney

The Detective Jarrod O’Connor Series


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