It’s Raining Shoes.

ISBN: 9780987190994

Front cover of It's Raining Shoes by Cate Sawyer

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Imaginative Play is the best play.

Cate Sawyer’s It’s Raining Shoes is a delightful early learner for your toddler.

Nothing delights a child’s imagination more than a muddy puddle.

Be swept away on an adventure of shoes, shoes and more shoes … and one sneaky Dad.

Learn left and right. Pairs and singles. Costumes to create with a simple dress-ups box.

Ages 2-4 years. Softcover.

It’s Raining Shoes is like all of Cate Sawyer’s books and comes with an interactive exercise at the end to cap off a stimulating read.

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. Readers are thinkers, and thinkers are future leaders…

Start your child right with It’s Raining Shoes.


‘Beautifully animated. Loved this read’ …

C T Mitchell, Author of the Jack Creed Mysteries.

‘Loved It’s Raining Shoes. Author and illustrator are the perfect pair’ …

Davide A Cottone, Author – Shriek.

‘Loved the illustrations and the captions. I also liked that it’s a short book – it’s the perfect one for bedtime reading when I’m tired – no long blocks of text’…

Julie Frost.

‘Cute, fun to read out loud, just the right level for reading to my 2-year-old’…

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