It’s My Party and I’ll Draw If I Want To … Pelican’t Do It

Win your own author and illustrator for a kids' party!

Restricted Launch of Pelican’t Do It

Win your own author and illustrator for a kids party!

Cate Sawyer and Kyle Tweed planned to launch Pelican’t Do It with a big party on 13th June 2020 but then … well, mother nature sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done to the planet.

Group huddle, and as often happens out of adversity, something extraordinary emerged. To celebrate the launch of Pelican’t Do It, one lucky winner has the chance to win a party hosted by Cate and Kyle!

The winner gets to invite their closest friends. Cate will perform a dramatic reading, and Kyle will guide the kids to draw a favourite character. Yes, Mum and Dad – you get to put your feet up for thirty entire minutes. I can hear parents across Australia yelling ‘pick mine, pick mine, PICK MY KID!’

Here’s how the launch of Pelican’t Do It will be celebrated:

  1. The first 100 books sold will be numbered and autographed by Cate Sawyer and Kyle Tweed.
  2. The first 200 books sold will come with two additional play sheets – Pelican’t Do It Join the Dots and Colouring-In. Kids have the chance to see their finished colouring-in published on Hawkeye’s websites and social pages.
  3. Every purchaser between now and 13 June 2020 has the chance to tell us why their child should win a Pelican’t Do It Party for their friends.

The Party

Via zoom, live into your home. Your child can invite friends – up to 12 is best or it gets out of hand… but we’re flexible. Cate Sawyer will read her book Discombobulated and Kyle Tweed will guide the kids through drawing a character out of Pelican’t Do It. The party will end with a reading of Pelican’t Do It. To enter, send us 25 words telling us why your child should win the party – be sure to include their name and age!

You can find all about Pelican’t Do It here.

Carolyn Martinez

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