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Between Before and After with flowers
Between, Before and After

If, like me, you have been sitting at home watching the news and trying to imagine what it is like to be living your life, studying, working, raising a family, and then suddenly be in a city under siege with all the danger and uncertainty of a war, then you need to read Between Before and After.

I know that the Ukraine and Sarajevo are different places and cultures but I learnt so much from reading, , a true account of the siege of Sarajevo.

If, like me, you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a refugee, to be so unsure of which way to turn, to have to rely on the charity of strangers and friends, and to struggle to communicate your inner fears and thoughts, and to live in constant worry about a husband and family left behind, then you need to read this book.

Edita is a talented writer and has managed to tell her personal story in an entertaining and thrilling way.

I struggled to put this down towards the end as I was caught up in the story about reuniting her family.

There is a real art to not just tell an amazing story, but to write it in a way that is so great to read.

At one point Edita says, if Between Before and After was a movie, it would be simply resolved, but it is not.

I totally felt Argo vibes when reading this and could see it being made in to a movie. I was also really moved by what Edita shared about the impact on herself and her family of not just the siege, but moving to a whole different culture.

“I tried to remember what I was like before the war. Was I also happy most of the time for no apparent reason?”

Rebecca, Reviewer @rebecca.b.reading

About the Author: 

Edita Mujkic was born and raised in Sarajevo, in what was then Yugoslavia, and now is Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the war broke out in her home country, she fled Sarajevo in May 1992 with her two children. After five months in Croatia, Edita and her children moved to England where she was an interpreter for other Bosnian refugees, although at the time she could barely speak English.

Two years later, in 1994, the family arrived in Melbourne.

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