I am OBSESSED! Leaving Blackwood is AMAZING!

Leaving Blackwood book cover
Leaving Blackwood by Khaiah Thomson

Review by Jessica from @jessilea_reads 

Family ties and power plays abound as Freya questions what she has become, who to trust, explores her growing powers and is challenged by a not so little, vicious voice in her head.

Freya is once again thrown into supernatural plots and politics in this fast paced page turner as she is kidnapped and must play a dangerous power game while trapped in a supernatural European court to protect Blackwood and the ones she loves.

Despite all who would use her – Freya is no pawn. But against such powerful supers she needs any edge she can get. Can she help overthrow the ruling King to save her family? Or will her new found ruthlessness destroy her and those she loves?

Amazing! Obsessed!

I am OBSESSED. I can not even begin to describe how amazing this book was – it is an absolute page turner with all the magic, twists and sassy comebacks I adore from Khaiah Thomson.

What I really enjoyed about Leaving Blackwood, was the darker, morally grey turn Freya took as part of this book – she was fierce, ruthless and determined to grow her own power both as a magical syphon and physically – but for the right reasons.

It was interesting seeing her struggle with the idea of her increasing power, it’s potential to corrupt her and ultimately seeing her will shine through. Freya is a sassy badass and I LOVE it.

Morally grey characters await you.

I also loved the new cast of morally grey to just plain evil characters – they were well written, complex and multifaceted in a way where you couldn’t always write them off as a bad person.

Yes, they do horrible things… but if it’s for survival in a hellish court of supernatural sociopaths or the protection of others can we really blame them?

On the flip side – I wanted to shake some sense into Beau. What the heck was he thinking?

There’s a difference between making a difficult choice to protect what we love and straight up lying/ Direwolf alphaholing/ not communicating all over the place. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID AND I HAVEN’T FORGIVEN YOU YET!!!

Everything about  this book was so good – including the worldbuilding and all of the plot twists and turns. I am a super suspicious reader and even I was surprised a few times. The ending was absolutely amazing and I can’t say more without spoiling but I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

If you like sassy and strong female leads, magic powers, political intrigue, conflict, morally grey choices/characters and an immersive read – I highly recommend the Blackwood Series. 

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