High Profile Judges Announced for the Hawkeye Books Short Story Prize

By Amelie Rohweder

C.T. Mitchell, author of the Detective Jack Creed Series, and Kylie Kaden, author of The Day the Lies Began, Missing You, and Losing Kate have been announced as judges of The Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Writing Competition 2019.

‘We’re thrilled at the support for the debut Prize and the superior quality judges on the panel,’ said Carolyn Martinez, Director, Hawkeye Books.

C.T. Mitchell’s Detective Jack Creed series has been number 1 bestseller 12 times, and his expertise in short story writing makes him an obvious choice for judge.

‘Stories need more pace than a novel. In shorts, character development needs to be brief and spicy. Up the pace. Make it entertaining,’ said Mitchell.

International Author Kylie Kaden’s third book The Day the Lies Began is due for release in August with Pantera Press.

Kaden is a master of character development. Here’s a line from ‘Lies’  … ‘It seemed simple at first – folding one lie over the next. She had become expert at feathering over the cracks to ensure her life appeared the same. But inside, it didn’t feel fixed.’

Kaden’s advice for competition entrants – ‘Leave a gap for the reader to fill – to join the dots, to place the last piece of the puzzle, to feel involved. Sometimes you have to pull back to make people lean in, so you don’t need to spell out everything (show not tell – but don’t do both)’.

This year’s theme for the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Prize is Diversity in Australia. Hawkeye Books provides these guidelines, ‘You might write of, for instance, ethnicities, genders, LGBTQIA, Aboriginal stories, regions, city versus country, being the only one not a minority in a diverse community, the generational divides… the scope is as broad as your imagination.’

Entries close 6pm Monday 2nd September 2019, with winners announced October 2019.

Kaden is appearing at Northlakes Library in August in conjunction with the release of The Day the Lies Began. To meet her, book here.

Carolyn Martinez

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