Finding Love Again – Our Latest Release

If doing what you’ve always done is not giving you the results you seek, it’s time to do something different!

Finding Love offers helpful, insightful tips and encouragement on how best to make one of the most important decisions of your life: choosing the person to walk alongside you in life.

Single at the age of 32, I managed to impress myself with my stupidity at times. Without a wingwoman in sight (all my friends had babies), grieving the love of my life, and unable to spend any time alone because of the head space I was in, I managed to drink my way through six months, dating guys completely wrong for me along the way.

When I stopped and took stock of my life it was painful. After I re-grouped, got over the loneliness, and gained back my verve, I was quietly astonished at some of the amateurish mistakes I made while single. I wondered how many others floundered as I had.

After three years of interviewing men and women across Australia, and researching the best available knowledge on relationships, I wrote and compiled the book I wished I’d been able to read when I first found myself unexpectedly single, thrust into a game I was unprepared and ill-equipped to play.

When I launched Finding Love: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Date Again the reviews on Amazon made the three years of research and writing worthwhile.

If you’d like to share your dating experiences and get tips from others, join the Finding Love Again community on Facebook.

Finding Love is available as an ebook or hard copy.

Carolyn Martinez is a former Newspaper Editor, a twice-published Author, and has a MA (Writing). She is the founder of Brisbane Book Authors, and a member of Queensland Society of Editors.

Carolyn Martinez

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