Finding Love Again (A Guide to)

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Break-up proof your next relationship. If doing what you’ve always done is not giving you the results you seek, then it’s time to do something different.

If you have the habit of choosing the wrong partner, or are recently single after a long-term relationship from loss, divorce or separation, Finding Love Again equips you with the knowledge to screen potential partners, without coming across as too intense. Some people come out of a relationship and realize that they don’t actually want to go back into one, not yet anyway, so they’ll look into websites similar to or date around for fun so they are not stuck in one situation. However, this may not last and that feeling for a long-term relationship may come up again.

In this changed world of meeting partners online tools to streamline the culling are needed. When you walk into a crowded venue and meet someone in person with whom you have an undeniable connection – you’ve instantaneously screened dozens of people in the moment to find the right one for you. Having to meet “potentials” one-on-one at cafes – well… that’s a lot of coffees. Do you really want to waste 3-4 dates before realising someone is unsuitable? Finding Love Again, amongst much more, gives you specific seemingly random questions that enable you to appear simply interested in a person, but in fact, give you data for your love-match research.

It contains:

  1. Practical tips and information from relationship experts.
  2. Real-life interviews with men and women.
  3. Case studies, and
  4. Self-reflection exercises.

Choosing your next partner is an important decision and that is why you should read these stories and hear from the experts about love.

You’ll learn:

  1. The difference between Critical and Negotiable Values.
  2. Why Critical Values are as important as physical attraction, and why we so often get them wrong.
  3. The art of open-ended questions, and why you should use them.

You will be inspired that it is possible to love again because this book about dating is so easy-to-read, and highly informative.

In the self-reflection exercises, one of the many gems you’ll uncover is what’s way more interesting than your past relationship when you sum up your backstory for others.

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‘A personal investment must’…

Bob Wyborn.

‘Thanks for writing this Carolyn. Clearly, it is educational and entertaining. Consequently, I am already recommending it to all and sundry. All the best to you and hope that you continue to inspire others’…

Lynette Hammond.

‘A brilliant book. Firstly, because there is a cross section of ages, lifestyles and backgrounds. Secondly, Finding Love is a wonderful journey through personal dating and love stories. And finally, the people are so brave to have shared their journeys, mistakes and successes. Therefore, I highly recommend’…

Hunter Writers Centre.

‘There’s a lot of wisdom to be gained from Finding Love again. It’s given me insight into why my past relationships didn’t work, as well as guidance on what to look for going forward dating’…


‘Carolyn Martinez has a knack for taking sensitive painful subjects and, through a combination of exceptionally clear writing and good journalism, making them seem both natural and surmountable. Therefore, this is a well-written, sensitive and very easy to read book. Certainly, it is full of stories, ideas, and advice on how to find love, and most importantly I think, how to keep love strong for the duration’… Full Review.

Maggie Ball, Book Critic, Compulsive Reader.

‘My favourite part of this book is the self-reflection exercises’… Full Review.

Kimberley O’Sullivan

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Find out for yourself why this is a highly recommended book to read about dating.

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  1. Michelle Wedlake - April 15, 2019 Reply

    Although I am not looking for love again I read each and one of these stories and was captivated by each different story. It was very well written and very interesting to read real life stories and how each couple came together. Throughly recommend this author

  2. Davide A Cottone - April 16, 2019 Reply

    “Finding Love Again” by Carolyn Martinez, has so many real-life answers to that eternal dilemma, no matter how happy we think we are.

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