Everyday A-holes. A Picture Book for Adults

The funniest, crude book you’ll read this year.

A book for adults who love dry humour and aren’t easily offended.

Everyday A-holes - a crude, witty picture book for adults

Crude oil is cheap, crude humour is priceless — Australian Author Dean Blake launches “Everyday A-holes”, a very unique picture book for adults.

Australia-based award-winning author Dean Blake has launched his second book – a graphic novel, ‘Everyday A-Holes’, which depicts the many interesting characters he’s met on his extensive travels in Australia and overseas, particularly the everyday a-hole.

While the book features common characters we meet in everyday life, for Dean, the stand-out personality among these encounters was the everyday ‘a-hole’ type. Interactions and socializing with these types of people is what inspired Dean to come up with his much-loved web comics and his latest book.

‘Everyday A-Holes’ encourages people to have a laugh and not take life so seriously. Dean using satire and irony to depict fun characters inspired by rea-life conversations. With over 160 sketches by the author, the book contains some of Dean’s earliest (and most popular) online works.

The comics are not for the thin-skinned, but definitely for those who enjoy a dry sense of humor. Some people may perceive his work in the wrong way, but a forewarning is that the goal of this graphic novel is to make people laugh. 

Everyday A**holes is R rated. For more, read this.

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‘Easy five stars! Smart, witty sketches of obnoxious people one encounter in everyday life. Simply could not stop looking and enjoying every sketch- truly funny, a chuckle here and there. I am sure this will be a big hit- you guys enjoy.’

Renato Bobis.

‘This book changed my life. How? it made me laugh a whole lot. This collection of drawings is incredibly funny.’

Hamish Lancaster.

‘Hilarious illustrations that were perfect for the long days at home.’

Terng Shing.

‘So wrong, yet so right! Absolutely hilarious collections of cartoons. Great for anyone wanting a good laugh and chuckle!’

Aletheia Wanrooy.

Silvana Nagl

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