Enemies Within These Shores

Front Cover of Enemies Within These Shores by Debbie Terranova; an Australian historical fiction novel

Enemies Within These Shores by Debbie Terranova is a page-turning Australian historical fiction saga that sweeps from the sugar towns of tropical north Queensland to the internment camps of South Australia.

Based on a true untold story, the gripping tale brings to life the tumultuous World War 2 years of ‘enemy aliens’, political opportunism, pride, envy, retribution and ultimately … survival.

The book particularly presents the intriguing story of the internment of Italian immigrants. Not only are the effects on the internees themselves explored through the fictitious story; but also the repercussions on families, communities, and captors … with surprising twists.

Debbie Terranova delivers.


‘Enemies Within These Shores is a gripping read. Terranova’s writing shows both attention to historical detail and perceptive use of colourful metaphors. Completely engrossing’…

Antoni Bonetti, Music Director and Conductor, Brisbane Symphony Orchestra, 2018.

“Interesting, shameful and informative. Shines a light on one forgotten aspect of Australian wartime history when the threat of invasion by Japan gave rise to enormous paranoia and mismanagement’…

Dr Rodney Jensen, Adelaide 2018

‘A realistic blend of truth and fiction that is engaging and well-paced’…

Jenny, Brisbane, 2018

‘This Australian historical fiction book is beautifully written and brings the characters and locations to life in an engaging way. I thoroughly enjoyed it’…

Maggie Christensen.

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The author – Debbie Terranova – and her thirst for Australian historical research inspiring her novels:

  • In Australia, some migrant women were arrested and interned (ie. imprisoned in a camp) during World War 2 due to their nationality, associations, political or religious allegiances. It is this little known fact that inspired Debbie Terranova to write Enemies Within These Shores.
  • Enemies Within These Shores is not Debbie Terranova’s first foray into Australian historical fiction. Her first novel, Baby Farm, explored Australia’s 1970s history of unwed mothers being forced to give their children up for adoption.
  • Debbie’s love for Australian historical fiction continues. In 2018 she won a State Library of Queensland Research Fellowship for her project – Queensland women and war: a multicultural perspective of the experiences of female civilians during WW2. Currently, she is most often found buried under precious personal diary entries of those interred, and other research at the State Library of Queensland.

Carolyn Martinez

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