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Genre: Fiction | Science Fiction

Empathy Synopsis:

The ultra-rich have abandoned Earth. Cruising far above its congested surface in lavish Sky Towns, they partake in the ultimate luxury—pleasure-nymphs, augmented humans capable of echoing and amplifying a client’s every indulgent sensation.

So who would kidnap a nymph, torture her, and leave her for dead?

Empathy is a fast-paced thriller set in a world where empathy is a service, a luxury and a corruption. For one pleasure-nymph, it may also be her only weapon.

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Empathy – Deeper Dive:

When one of Sky Town’s most prized nymphs wakes to find herself missing a sizeable sum of both money and memories, she has no idea who took her, why they did it… or what threat she poses to their monstrous plot. Slipping back into her world of splendour and seduction, she must navigate its hidden webs – both old and new – to find the spiders lurking within, and retake her stolen humanity.

Combining the vision of Asimov with the voice of Atwood, Fay Lee creates a world where empathy is a service, a privilege, and a vice.

Empathy is a fast-paced thriller set in a world where empathy is a service, a luxury and a corruption. For one pleasure-nymph, it may also be her only weapon.

Reviews for Empathy by Fay Lee:

“A fiercely imaginative cultural and political exposé, Fay Lee’s Empathy trains the lens of science fiction upon our world with breath-taking precision.” 

L. E. Daniels, Editor, Serpent’s Wake: A Tale for the Bitten Author, Generation X-ed Contributor

“Sporting one of the strongest character voices I’ve ever had the pleasure to read, Empathy is everything I love about mystery and sci-fi merged into one classy futuristic adventure.”

Nita Delgado, Reviewer

Empathy creates a world which is reminiscent of The Hunger Games – beautiful people, high stakes and a life where the ultra-rich thrive and everyone else survives. Empathy was a page-turner right from the start. Fast paced and different, I was dragged into a new world of Empaths and I loved every moment of it!”

Nicole Kelly, Author, Lament

“The best sci-fi holds a mirror up to ourselves in a way that encourages objective self-criticism. Fay Lee delivers this in spades with Empathy. Empathy is about inequality, power, social decay, obsession with image and fashion, commoditization of everything (and everyone) and the meaning of freedom. It is political, erotic and ominous. It is also a compelling read with a turn-around ending that leaves no loose ends.”

John Standingford, Author of Goldiloxians and Bobby Shafter

“An intelligent, incisive look at sex work and the balance of power in a fluid future still defined by the prejudices of the past, Empathy tackles the commodification of consent, the complications of code-switching, and the fraught issue of agency with a forward-thinking verve reminiscent of Atwood’s modern SF. Lee’s thoughtful mix of science, sex, politics, and thrills comes turned out in a fabulous dress with a throbbing heart pinned to its sleeve.”

Matthew R. Davis, Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of Midnight in the Chapel of Love.

“Take an erotic flight to Paradise, a city floating high above a ruined near-future Earth. It’s a world of bionically engineered sexually empathic ‘nymphs’ and their privileged super-rich controllers. Why is the most erotically skilled of the nymphs deprived of a chunk of her life and all her wealth? How does her existence endanger Paradise? Empathy is a rich mixture of erotic stimulation, speculation about the near future, and a rattling good mystery.”

Bruce Gillespie, Editor, SF Commentary

“Empathy is an alluring read that combines the vision of Asimov with the voice of The Handmaid’s Tale. When I first read ‘sex nymph’ I really wasn’t expecting the depth of characterisation that I enjoyed in this book. I read this one in a weekend. Riveting reading.”

Cate Sawyer, Author.

“Empathy was the unanimous winner of the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize 2021. Judges included Khaiah Thomson, author of the bestselling Welcome to Blackwood series, and Nicole Kelly, author of Lament – the critically acclaimed Ned Kelly fictional rewrite. It gives us a real thrill to see this book now being launched.”

Carolyn Martinez, Hawkeye Publishing.

To learn more about the amazingly talented Fay Lee visit her author page here.

Author Fay Lee
Author Fay Lee
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