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Headshot of author of Uriel's Gift, Edward Spellman.

Edward Spellman was a self-employed bricklayer who died in a serious car accident. First responders to the scene clustered on the road, comforting the other driver, steering people away from the dead body – Edward.

Edward recalls being with three spirit guides – watching the traumatic scenes on the road unfold.

From that point on, Edward’s life took a trajectory unimaginable in his wildest dreams.

Now, he is an author, an artisan, and a former aged care worker who says his best time in the role was the six years he spent working in a locked dementia ward.

Uriel’s Gift is his one book. It took 10 years to write.

Up Close & Personal with Uriel’s Gift Author Edward Spellman

Favourite aspect of being an author:

My connection with my spirit guides. They never lost faith in me no matter how much I tried to convince them that the task they asked of me was beyond my capabilities.

Now, because of their faith in me, I have Uriel’s Gift in multiple formats. The Spanish translation is very close to being ready for sale in all the same formats as the English versions.

Plus I’m working on another book.

To have Spirit encourage you to write is a magical thing.

I can’t think of anything I would rather do.

Favourite holiday destination:

Machu Pichu in Peru. I saw a photo of it when I was about sixteen and have wanted to walk among the stones of those ruins ever since. The place fascinates me, always has, still does, and probably always will.


Leatherwork. Making leather jackets is fun.

I love seeing things in my mind and bringing them into the physical world.

Some time ago, I spent all my spare time for nearly four years building a stone house for my parents on their farm.

Favourite movie:

Avatar. I don’t like bullies. I believe no one has the right to force their point of view onto another.

Favourite book:

I feel a bit silly answering this because Uriel’s Gift is my favourite book. If an Archangel had given you a book, would it be your favourite?

Favourite TV show:


Favourite way to spend a Sunday evening:

Relaxing with friends, perhaps a glass of red and some good conversation.

Favourite quote:

‘Not alone through the female aspect of divinity, nor alone through the male, only through the harmonious union of the two shall humanity prevail’… I have it tattooed on my forearms.

The best thing a reader has ever said to you:

I have had numerous people write to and tell me that reading Uriel’s Gift changed their lives. Also, that it helped them to get through what they were struggling with at the time.

Worst (or funniest) thing a reader has ever said to you:

One reader said they expected more.

Your inspiration to write:

Now that’s a question. I died in a car accident in 1996.

Suddenly I found myself sitting with three aspects of Spirit looking down at my body still strapped inside the wreck of my car.

They showed my why I am here in this life and how it connects to both past and future lives.

Then they gave me a choice: stay with them, or go back to my physical life and finish what I came here for.

Guess what. I came back. And part of the reason I came back was to have the experiences that went into Uriel’s Gift, as well as having the experience of writing it. Then to follow the ripples created by doing that. Through all the experiences Spirit encouraged and guided me – they still do.

I write what I see.

Hand-made, leather-bound edition of Uriel's Gift by Edward Spellman.

While working on Uriel’s Gift I saw a vision of myself making leather bound editions. The result of that vision is the red leather bound book in this photo – which I love.

Your take on the self-published book industry:

I love it. I think traditional publishers exert too much control. I believe in balance, equality, and harmony.

How should readers contact you:

I love talking about my book and have added my website and email on the back page of most of them.



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