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Fun With Phonetics for 4-7 year olds. Discombobulated written by Cate Sawyer and illustrated by Adriana Avellis is also fun for parents – the captions will make you smile.

Recommended reading by Vanessa Rendall – Teacher Librarian with a Masters in Gifted Children.

Can a rhinoceros squeeze through a tiny gap? Most certainly, probably … not, but I’d like to find out for sure. 

Parents, think sneaking veggies in spaghetti bolognese. The words are delightful, lyrical, challenging. Inquisitiveness is encouraged in Discombobulated.

Feel the way the world rolls off the tongue … discombobulated.

More than one million new neural connections are formed every second in the first few years of life. Learning new words IS fun, and a precursor to your child doing well in school! Happy days!


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Read Discombobulated Review by Vanessa Rendall, Teacher Librarian and the force behind EducateEmpower.


'Read Discombobulated today and loved it! It was exciting being able to 
see the transformation of complex subject matter into something 
entertaining and educational for children and adults. It’s funny where 
confidence in writing skill is derived from, and I was thrilled that 
‘discombobulated’ inspired me in the struggle I often get writing my 
stories, realising that even the heaviest of complex social issues can 
be discombobulated in the end and get published. Thanks for publishing 
this treasure,' Lawrey Goodrick.

‘Cool, funny and oh so charming’ …

Amy Andrews, international best-selling Author.

‘Discombobulated is an absolute winner!’ …

Davide A Cottone, Author.

‘Educational, funny and written with love. The gorgeously creative illustrations keep you smiling. The text is clear and easy to say out loud. Highly recommended for children and bedtime readers’ …

Debbie Terranova, Author.

‘I bought the bundle and read them to the kids. They absolutely love them!’…

Michelle Wedlake, Family Daycare Worker.

[Total: 10   Average: 5/5]

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Carolyn Martinez

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