Tales from the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition 2023.

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Genre: Fiction | Short Story Anthologies

Detour Synopsis:

Finding a good short story collection is like uncovering a vein of untapped jewels. This one especially has some real gems between the pages. Hold your breath and dive in. The pathways are divergent.

This year’s Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story competition yielded 160 entries, sharing a diverse range of perspectives, ideas and writing styles.

The collective stories in Detour offer a cultural representation of the human experience of 2022/2023.

Detours, will be released 1st December 2023.
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All will be revealed!

The cover design for our 2023 Anthology is based on the winning story and will be revealed when the winner is announced.

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Review by Meesha Whitlam – Longlist Judge

“The entrants really delivered on wonderfully written short stories,” says Meesha Whittam, longlist judge. “Among all these, we feel that we’ve uncovered exceptional gems.

“This year, the competition theme was detour/s. Many entrants addressed the theme in a literal way, which gave us stories about road detour signs and physical detours. Others approached the theme through a broader lens and wrote stories about detours through life. Many of the stories shared personal journeys or detours in a memoir form. Some showed advanced skill, addressing the theme without mentioning the word.”

Open Longlist:

1. After Midnight by Michaela Dawn

2. Aluminium Swan Song by T. L. Ransome

3. At the Turn of the Tide by Peter Long

4. Breakfast by Pete Armstrong

5. Dog-ged by Dot Stute

6. Dressed to Kill by John Denn

7. Dust of Afghanistan by Amanda Heartsong

8. Exit by Suzi Mezei

9. For Lease by Rachel Flynn

10. Habit by Alida Galati

11. Labyrinth of Illusion by Ron Irwin

12. Left Fork by Jeremy Picknell

13. Lefty Righty by Kathleen Klug

14. M is For by Kristof Mikes-Liu

15. Maccas Run by Musetta Choi-Hatcher

16. Mangrove Mattresses by Leanne Green

17. Messy Business by S. K. Gold

18. Min Min by Emma Rosetta

19. Mr Popperwell Takes the Lead by Ned Stephenson

20. Murder at Midnight by Sandra Thom-Jones

21. Noted by Kara Froggatt

22. Nurture by Eric Tian

23. Of Loss and Fates Diverged by Pamela Jeffs

24. Peaches and Cream by Agi Dobson

25. Scattered by P. Giuliani

26. Souvenir by Helen Booth

27. Stroke of the Pencil by Mersija Ilic

28. Success to Failure to Success by Stephanie McGrath

29. The Arrival by M. J. Howley

30. The Bicycle of Forgotten Things by Pippini Niamh

31. The Boning Knife Murder by Jan Mosler

32. The Caretaker by Maggie Veness

33. The Hungry Bird by Peter Schinkel

34. The Last Matchmaker by Elaine Chennatt

35. The Left Turn by Brooke Crawford

36. The Meet-Cute by Tammy Keerthipala

37. Two Shots by Lika Kate

38. Unexpected Places by Pauline Cleary

39. Up Where the Birds Fly by Chyna Whittaker Goodwin

40. Your Eulogy by John Bradley

Junior longlist

1. Success to Failure to Success by Stephanie McGrath

2. The Bicycle of Forgotten Things by Pippini Niamh

3. Two Shots by Lika Kate

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Winning Short Story Competitions
Winning Short Story Competitions

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