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Dean Blake grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and is most recognised for his blog, Generation End, as well as his quirky drawings on his Instagram account @deanblakeauthor.

His book, Surface Children – a collection of short stories – is available everywhere online.

List of titles by Author Dean Blake:

Surface Children (Satire, short stories)

Los Angeles Angie (Short story)

One Hundred Sixty Kilograms (Short story)

The Things We Do For Those Who Don’t Love Us (Short story)

We Fall Asleep So Early (Short story)

Favourite writing-related photo:

Author Dean Blake writing.

Me writing.

Professional background:


Favourite part of being an author:

The ability to translate whatever’s in my heart onto a page, and then falsely believing I’m going to make money from it.

Favourite holiday destination:

North Pole. I love visiting Santa. 


Eating bears, taking gym selfies, taking photos of food, showing my legs to onlookers, crying in the shower, crying in the night.

Favourite movie:

Changes all the time. Right now I’d say Leon the Professional. But that may just be because I always say Leon the Professional.

Favourite book:

Changes all the time. But right now I’d say The Bible.

Favourite TV show:

Changes all the time. But right now I’d say absolutely nothing.

Favourite way to spend a Sunday evening:

Burning money.

Favourite quote:

‘Hey mate, you have any money? I’m trying to save seven dollars for a kebab’…

Guy who approached me in the car park in West End last night.

Best thing a reader has ever said to you:

‘I purchased your book,’ or, ‘How much for your book?’ or, ‘Do you have change for fifty? I’d like to buy your book.’

Worst (or funniest) thing a reader has ever said to you?

‘Can I have your book for free?’ or ‘Can I borrow some money?’

What drives and inspires you to write:

What drives me to write changes with age. When I was young, I wrote because I was sad. When I was a teenager, I wrote because I was sad. When I became older, I wrote because I was sad.

Where do I find my inspiration? I get most of my ideas from a small owl man at night time, usually on Wednesday nights. The owl man tells me what to say, who to meet, how much to spend, who to harm and what to write.

Your take on the self-published books industry:

The self-published books industry is a great way for people such as myself to fool people into thinking I’m legitimate and trustworthy.

Best way to contact you:




For more information on author Dean Blake:

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