Dead Shot

Dead Shot by C T Mitchell is a short, sharp, fast reading fix. Everyone loves a quickie.

Multiple gun fire breaks the silence. Three down. Who’s next? …

Dead Shot by C T Mitchell Synopsis:

Front cover of Dead Shot by C. T. Mitchell

Universities are safe havens where students pursue academic excellence. Not former UK student Nicholas Weatherby though. He’s pursuing three class mates who have rejected him. He has them in his sights. He won’t stop until they are dead. But he’s not alone. He’s got a sympathiser with a bigger axe to grind. In 48 hours they’ll be heroes…….

Dead Shot is the first in the Detective Jack Creed mystery series; a collection of murder mystery books and short reads set in and around Cabarita Beach, a sleepy seaside village in northern NSW, Australia. Normally a quiet tourist town; it seems to be a mecca for international crime and mystery.

Jack Creed is a traditional detective with a twist. He’s part of a police procedural team, but that’s where the similarities end.

Readers of Australian mystery books’ author C T Mitchell say Creed is a ‘Rebus in a Valentino suit’. But don’t let his Italian loafers, linen jackets or his ‘67 Mustang fool you. Creed is hard, anti-establishment, a fiercely loyal family man and the copper you need in a crime investigation: with no unsolved mysteries to his name.

Australia has never had a University mass shooting. In this crime fiction new release, Creed must wade through a myriad of suspects if he is to solve this murder mystery with a psychological thriller edge. He’s not having a killing spree on his patch.

At 50 pages long, Dead Shot by C T Mitchell is perfect for the commute to work.

Praise for Dead Shot by C T Mitchell:

‘It’s a real page turner. I couldn’t put it down. Great for those who want to read books but find a full-length novel hard-going. When it ended I wished it had lasted longer. Incredibly interesting to see a fulsome plot and complex characters sharpened to a short read novella. Well done C T Mitchell. I’ll be reading more’…

Cate Sawyer, Author

‘This is a short story filled with mystery and suspense. It keeps you wondering’…

‘I was immediately drawn in and really liked Jack’…

‘This novella was so true about how a troubled teen thinks. It was a quick read and very enjoyable. C T Mitchell is going to be one of my favourite authors’…

‘A cross between Heartbeat and Blue Heelers’…


‘Captivating and well written’…

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