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Up close and personal with author Davide A. Cottone:

Davide A. Cottone has always indulged in his lifelong love of literature and dramatic art as a writer, poet and producer. He wrote, produced and directed two musicals in Hong Kong and plays at schools and community theatres in Australia. Two of his novels have been adapted to stage plays.

Davide’s Portfolio:

  • 1961: Outcast in Contrast. Novella (Unfinished)
  • 1965: The Third Half. Absurd Drama (Eunice Hangar Lib: University of Queensland)
  • 1968: Once Borrowed. Novel Fiction (Unpublished)
  • 1969: A Touch of Powder. Drama (Romantic Comedy)
  • 1978: Bo. Musical (Politcal Satire)
  • 2001: The Comeback Kid. Musical (60s and 70s Rock) Performed Hong Kong 2001.
  • 2002: The Messenger. Drama (Religious)
  • 2002: Generation Z: The Male Mutants. Novel: Psych Fiction (Pub: P.I.E. Books)
  • 2003: Soul For Sale. Musical (Contemporary) Performed Hong Kong 2003
  • 2005: The Battle of the Sexes. A Guide (Unpublished)
  • 2005: The Pony from the Back Block. Short Story (Unpublished)
  • 2005: Sammy. Short Story (Unpublished)
  • 2006: The Other World Album. Songs (Seven songs by Sotto Ego)
  • 2007: Bertha Control. Musical (Rock, funk, soul, disco)
  • 2009: Eroica. Musical (Classical)
  • 2009: Diary of a Devoted Poet. Poetry (Published by P.I.E. Books)
  • 2012: canecutter. Novel: Historical Fiction (Published by P.I.E. Books)
  • 2014: Sotto il sole australiano. Romanzo (Published by P.I.E. Books)
  • 2014: Portrait of a Devoted Poet. Poetry (Published by P.I.E. Books)
  • 2015: Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam. Novel: Historical Fiction (Pub: P.I.E.Books)
  • 2016: Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam. Play: Performed Brisbane Centenary Theatre.
  • 2017: Shriek an absurd novel. Novel: Psych Fiction. (Published by P.I.E. Books).
  • 2018: When the Curlew Comes Calling. An absurd play in three acts.I

Your professional background:

English as a second language teacher in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Best things about being an author:

Being able to engage an audience and hold them is always a challenge for any school teacher. Holds equally true for me as a writer.

Favourite holiday destination:

I only get into holiday mode when there’s sand, sea, river and fishing nearby. I fish until I drop.

Favourite book:

Would have to be Rhinoceros an absurd play by Eugene Ionesco.

Favourite quote:

‘All power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely’…

Lord Acton.

Best thing a reader has said to you:

‘How could you possibly know what it was like in the war in Vietnam … how I felt, my fears, my homecoming? You weren’t even there yet when I read your book, it was as if we walked my journey as one.”

The worst thing a reader has said to you:

It’s unpublishable – can’t say it here.

Your Inspiration to Write:

Writing to me is living in my other world. Some people keep a diary or journal … I write.

Your take on the self-publishing industry:

Self-publishing is presenting it in a professional format. 

Readers are most welcome to communicate with me.

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