Crime Author, C T Mitchell, to Judge The Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Writing Competition

Star Power …

The international best-selling author of short crime reads, The Jack Creed Mystery series, C. T. Mitchell brings his star power to the judging panel of Hawkeye Books’ inaugural short story writing competition.

The flamboyant figure might get the call up for Hollywood this year. Because after shortlisting in Queensland Writers Centre’s ADAPTABLE program, where he pitched to four film producers and three screenwriters, he went on to be signed with the Steve Jaggi Company to shop his series to Amazon and Netflix on their upcoming visit to the United States.

He played it cool. ‘There’s a long way between having someone pitching your idea to having a movie made,’ he said. ‘There are numerous people in between who have to love the Jack Creed Mysteries so much they want to turn them into film.’

He may be outwardly calm but the screeching of his tyres leaving the carpark just after hearing the news belied his excitement.

And he has every right to be excited. The Steve Jaggi Company produced Riptide – which hit the list of Australia’s Top 10 Grossing Films in 2017.

So what drew this energetic author to judge The Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Writing Competition?

‘The fact that the Director of Hawkeye Publishing, Carolyn Martinez, is running it, I immediately said yes.’

‘And the Syd Hammond story is a fascinating one it itself… A knock about larrikin with a ‘she’ll be right mate’, ‘ava go attitude’ makes him an instant draw card.’

‘I love short stories and short reads. I’ve written 25+ myself and believe they hold an important place in reading. A short story comp is a good training ground,’ C.T. said.

‘They feed the veracious reader with a lunch break or ride home fix while giving the non reader an introduction to reading enjoyment without being flattened by 500-page Goliath’s.’

Here’s a tip straight from the horse’s mouth if you’re planning on entering The Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Writing Competition.

‘For me a short story needs good characters, an intriguing plot, an enticing setting and a good amount of tension. Box these four up and you’ll have a fast paced, maximum entertainment short story that’s impossible to put down’… C. T. Mitchell.

The Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Writing Competition closes 2 September 2019.

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