Competition! Have your name written into Bryn Smith’s next novel.

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Preorder Book 1 now for a chance to win our great prize: Your name written into Book 2: Magnus Nights Leviathan.

With the release of Bryn Smith’s novel, Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident, readers have the chance to have their name written into the second book of the series.

Canberra-based author, Bryn Smith, is offering readers the chance to have their name written into the second book of the Magnus Nights series.

NEWS FLASH: Competition Winner announced! Congratulations Lyndal Weightman from Daglish in Western Australia. You’ve won the chance to have your name written into Bryn’s second book of the series.

Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident is gritty sci-fi noir which crackles with sharp writing and whiplash pacing,’ Geneve Flynn, Bram Stoker Award-winning author said.

The book is to be released this October by Hawkeye Publishing, with all those who pre-order going into the draw to be the one lucky chosen to have their name inscribed for perpetuity in book 2: Magnus Nights Leviathan.

29-year-old Smith says that his desire to encourage the reading of books stems from his belief that we should thwart algorithms.

‘Reading used to have a monopoly on our entertainment time—except for the odd theatre show and public execution,’ Smith said. ‘Today, books compete with so many things for our time. There’re movies, Netflix, podcasts, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. People have invested a lot of money and technology in these platforms to get us hooked, to keep our eyes on their screens.’

‘The problem is these platforms do not feed your soul and your mind. They feed an algorithm that gives you more of the same and builds a safe, little echo chamber.  But modern media’s desire to give us a unique, personal experience has a chilling side effect—it separates us. Books however give us a common, shared experience that brings us together.’

Hawkeye’s Director, Carolyn Martinez, agrees. ‘Books don’t just bring us together, they challenge us with new knowledge, new people and new ideas. We incorporate this into ourselves and become a fuller person than who we were yesterday. Books make us more human. That’s why we should read.’

‘Smith is a talent,’ Martinez said. ‘Magnus Nights is getting stellar early reviews. It contains one of the best action scenes I’ve ever read that simultaneously develops character.’

Magnus Nights is available now for first edition pre-orders, with the book officially launching into bookstores in October 2021. RRP$26.95.

Magnus Nights is available through bookstores, libraries or via the Hawkeye bookstore.

Learn more about the talented Bryn Smith here, or via his personal website here.

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