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Up close and personal with author Carolyn Martinez, aka Cate Sawyer:

Carolyn Martinez aka Cate Sawyer.
Carolyn Martinez also writes under pen name Cate Sawyer.

Carolyn Martinez is the Director of Hawkeye Books and Hawkeye Publishing. She is a former newspaper editor, and has a MA (Writing). She is also the co-ordinator of the non-profit social networking group Brisbane Book Authors.

She writes non-fiction to explore topical social issues from varying perspectives, enjoying presenting the male and female view on an issue.

She also writes children’s picture books under the pen name, Cate Sawyer – a compilation of her children’s names. The hope – maybe one day, one (or both) of her kids will join her in writing under the name (no pressure kids).

Her early readers are phonetics based, contemporarily illustrated and include captions to delight the adult and child reader.

Carolyn is a nurturer – of people, fellow authors, readers. She is passionate about protecting the integrity of the book industry and producing quality works that leave a footprint.

Carolyn’s Books:

Discussing Inspiring IVF Stories, Carolyn Martinez was featured on The Project (TV show), in most major Australian newspapers, on ABC Radio, KOFM, 2HD, Woman’s Day and numerous regional news outlets.

Finding Love Again has enjoyed exceptional reviews – ‘a personal investment must’, ‘great book, highly recommended’, ‘educational and entertaining,’ ‘an inspirational book that has the power to change lives’.

Places to Poop is Carolyn’s highest seller, and Discombobulated is a recommended resource by a teacher librarian specialising in gifted children.

Author Q&A with Carolyn Martinez

What do you love about this photo?

The Hornibrook Bridge to Redcliffe was closed to traffic in 1979.
The Hornibrook Bridge to Redcliffe. The bridge was closed to traffic in 1979.

It brings back wonderful childhood memories – driving over the old Hornibrook Bridge at Redcliffe in the mid to late 70s. In a king tide, waves washed over the car. It was exciting.

What is your professional background?

I have a Master of Arts (Writing) through Swinburne University and have worked as the Director of Hawkeye Publishing Pty Ltd since 2002.

The company was formed when I bought a local community newspaper, The Westerner. I sold the newspaper in 2006, and operated as a freelance writer, editor and corporate communications consultant until 2019 when I launched Hawkeye Books.

For a long time now I’ve wanted to highlight Indie and Self-Published authors who’ve gone the extra mile to produce exceptional work, as opposed to less-rigorous self-publishers who make it challenging for the industry to enjoy trust from the public. Hence: Hawkeye Books.

Best things about being an author?

Resonating with readers – that’s the absolute best.

And being true to myself. I’m a writer. I’ve known it since school. I feel lucky that I knew fairly young what my calling was, although I took a few detours along the way.

Your favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere near water, especially the ocean – Stradbroke Island, Newcastle, the Sunshine Coast.

The power of waves, sound of a running river, calm water – they all rejuvenate my soul. But mostly, the waves. It’s like they wash in energy from faraway places and share their power with us.

Your hobbies?

Movies. When I want to escape I go to a movie theatre and lose myself in the story, the sound, and the grand images. Film making is a wonderful art. My greatest ambition is to be in a movie theatre, surrounded by my loved ones, watching the premiere of a movie based on a book that I wrote.

And obviously I like reading and writing. I also enjoy investing, hiking, and tennis.

Your favourite movie?

I love so many it’s impossible to say. Popular movies and fiction are under-rated in my opinion. I think they’re wonderful. Big fan of anything Chris Hemsworth. I love a good laugh; and the blockbusters have become very good at one liners.

And then there’s the other side – the proud Australian I am. I love Sapphires and Storm Boy. Touching, powerful stories told with great cinematography, superb script writing, and wonderful directing.

Your favourite book?

I’ve got two. On Writing by Stephen King because it was reading his book that gave me the impetus I needed to prioritise a daily writing word count and write my first book after saying for twenty years, ‘one day I’m going to write a book.’

And Numbered by Amy Andrews and Ros Baxter. Amy has become a friend. It’s tricky reading friend’s books when you’re an author – there’s always the worry that you’ll hate their book so much that you can’t get to the end and the resulting fakeness kills the fledgling friendship in its tracks – I’m not a good liar. When I read Numbered I was blown away by how good a character driven novelist Amy is, and I love that two sisters have written an award winning novel.

Is there a favourite TV show?

I find a 40 minute TV show on DVD just the antidote for falling asleep at night. I’m presently absolutely loving working my way through anything Chicago … Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago MD. They’re all great. When you watch a TV show without the ads you see the skill the creators possess. I appreciate all forms of art.

Your favourite way to spend a Sunday evening?

At home in pjs laughing with my kids and hubby; relaxing before the start of the next work/school week.

Favourite quote?

‘It’s wonderful to be loved, but it’s profound to be understood’…

Ellen Degeneres.

The best thing a reader has ever said to you?

‘Every single person in a relationship needs to read this book!!! This isn’t just for people looking to find love, it’s for everyone who wants to learn how to fail-proof their marriage!!!’…

That was emailed to me by a men’s group coordinator who loved the book and wanted me to market Finding Love Again to the whole world, not just people looking to find love. Alas, as marketers will tell you, ‘the whole world’ is not a viable target audience.

What is the funniest thing a reader has ever said to you?

After reading Finding Love Again, and then meeting me in person at a party, a gentleman said to me ‘I can’t believe you’re the same person who wrote that.’

I grew up in the seaside town of Redcliffe near Brisbane in the 80s – a very Aussie upbringing. Apparently I write eloquently, but speak Ocker. It can be hard to drop those ‘but heys’ at the end of sentences when you’re true blue. Not that I want to. Proud Redcliffe-ian through and through. People find it adorable when my kids say, ‘Thanks mate’.

What drives you to write?

The desire to move and entertain people.

Would you like readers to contact you?

Absolutely! The contact form on this site is a good way.

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As seen on national Channel 10 television show The Project30th April 2012, author of Inspiring IVF Stories, Carolyn Martinez, issued a plea for IVF couples to consider donating to other couples the frozen embryos they don’t need.

The Westerner article
When Carolyn Martinez decided to write a book about the roller coaster of emotions that comes with trying to conceive a baby through IVF, she definitely knew her subject matter. The former Warner resident and her husband had gone through six unsuccessful cycles of IVF, prompting her to seek women – and their partners – to share similar experiences.

The Newcastle Herald article
This courageous, warm-hearted 40-year-old has nothing to be sorry for. After enduring seven cycles of IVF in the past three years, her tears are entirely appropriate. We are sitting in a New Lambton cafe and Martinez is outlining her and husband Saul’s next attempt to have a much longed-for baby. ‘‘Our doctor has said that it’s well and truly time to move on to donor material,’’ she explains. ‘‘My cousin Lisa has offered to donate eggs, but ideally we wanted to use donor embryos. We really like the idea of using an embryo that is already here and giving it a good home.’’

Critical Friendships in Writing – A way around the cost of an independent edit 
Released – 20 June 2011
Managing Director, Hawkeye Publishing, Carolyn Martinez, said new writers should endeavour to establish critical friendships with writing peers.

Carolyn Martinez

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