Book Clubs

We have organised some very special offers for book clubs! Please email us with the name of your book club to gain access to our discount codes for our online store.

  1. Buy three or more of the same book for your book club and receive 20% off.
  2. Buy 10 or more of the same book for your book club and receive 20% off + a chat with the author!

Please send us an email in the first instance to give us an understanding of what you need, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. All our Australian authors love chatting with their readers and would welcome the opportunity to discuss themes, inspiration, and writing tips. 

See below our fantastic authors and where they are located

Edita Mujkic head shot

Edita Mujkic

Author of Between Before & After

Location: Melbourne

Author Anne Freeman

Anne Freeman

Author of Returning to Adelaide

Location: Melbourne

Natalie Kile

Nat Kile

Author of Just Nat: Life in the fast lane with Natalie Lowndes

Location: Brisbane

Bryn Smith author

Bryn Smith

Author of Magnus Night: The Helios Incident

Location: Canberra

Camille Booker

Camille Booker

Author of What if You Fly

Location: Bargownie, NSW

Head shot of author, Gabriella Kelly-Davies.

Gabriella Kelly-Davies

Author of Breaking Through the Pain Barrier

Location: Sydney

Author Khaiah Thomson

Khaiah Thomson

Author of Welcome to Blackwood series

Location: Perth

Nicole Kelly

Nicole Kelly

Author of Lament

Location: Beaufort, VIC


Lawrey Goodrick

Lawrey Goodrick

Author of Cans for Change

Location: Ipswich, QLD

Author Michel Vimal du Monteil

Michel Vimel Du Monteil 

Author of Where there is a Will

Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW

K. M. Steele

K.M. Steele

Author of Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow

Location: Brisbane

Author Jack Roney

Jack Rooney

Author of The Ghost Train and the Scarlett Moon

Location: Brisbane