As a publisher, we are happy to assist book clubs whenever possible. We can help you plan a dynamic get-together with one of our authors appearing at your group. We also offer group discounts on our books for book clubs. Send us an email in the first instance to give us an understanding of what you need and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We currently have two authors available for appearances for book club meetings for a free 20-minute chat about their book or authoring. In this time of COVID we’ve had to think outside the square in the way we manage book tours. Our offer to book clubs is a novel way to introduce our authors of recently released books to you.

Khaiah Thomson, author of Welcome to Blackwood, had a fun book launch serving behind the counter at Hidden Cafe in Kelmscott, WA, where she wrote much of her book. Someone from Bean Thru at Armidale (another local cafe) stumbled across her there, and now she’s doing the same for them soon. She’s great value!

Nicole Kelly, author of Lament, is a school teacher, has a Ned Kelly accent worth hearing, and had such a successful Zoom book launch that Win News are about to interview her. She was fantastic on ABC radio and we can’t wait to see her on TV. After her book launch we received many emails of congratulations similiar to this one, ‘I’ve sat through so many boring Zoom events in the past 8 months but that one was highly entertaining,’ Brad Webb,

Khaiah’s Welcome to Blackwood is a Young Adult fantasy novel that won the Hawkeye Prize and is endorsed by the Australian #LoveOzYA Committee.  It is one of 4 books they recommended to teachers and librarians throughout Australia in their October 2020 newsletter.

Nicole’s Lament is a thought-provoking and well-researched fictional re-write of the bushranger, Ned Kelly’s story. Lament is also a Hawkeye Prize Winner. Both are receiving excellent reviews. Lament has Book Club Questions in its final pages. When journalist, Greg Tobin, read Lament he described it as ‘{expletive} brilliant’.

Welcome to Blackwood’s author is in WA, and Lament’s author is in VIC – (just for interest, they can dial into any location for you).

If your book club would like one of the authors to appear, email Carolyn with three possible dates/times with the preference for author. You can ask for both if you desire (preferably on different nights).

We hope we’ve piqued your interest. Both books are page-turners and Khaiah and Nicole are lovely and interesting speakers.

Independent Reviewer

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Jackie Morris, United Kingdom – YA AND FANTASY.