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Author Annie O’Moon Browning

When I was 18, I told my besties Mum, that I was going to write a book. Her words ‘I will read it!’ have stayed with me for half a life time. Now I cannot put down my pen. Thank you, Auntie Helen!

About me

A former therapist and lecturer, I now devote my life to the exploration of the stories within us. My power as an author embodies a narrative that is raw and healing. My love for my fellow human, my sensitivity to our journeys and my delight in discovering what emerges, infuse my writing with intrigue.  I’ve taken multiple courses in writing and published in on-line forums. I’m a technical author in Natural Medicine.

About my writing life.

Since a young child, I have loved the written word. Every Saturday, our family piled into the old FJ Holden and trundled down to our local library. Hours later, and furnished with more story books than we could carry, we would return home to read the afternoon away. Our mother refused us the joy of a TV as she had determined that our young minds would be far better off with books.

My earliest story was written at the precocious age of 13. A short fiction about the life of a young girl in the1800’s. Me and my bestie were particularly chuffed when our teacher praised us in front of the whole class. You might say this and Auntie Helen were what motivated me to write.

My book shelves are lined with my journals. All embracing the adventures of my life, short stories, poetry, erotica and dreams.

I am now a second-generation author. Inspired by my father’s journey to publication in 1979, I decided it was time to follow suite. ‘Rosanna’ is my first full length fiction.

How the ideas for ‘Rosanna’ came to me.

Rosanna arose from my need to create a novel that portrayed others journeys. From the deepest challenges to the most sublime joys, people have shared their lives with me. This allowed me to infuse Rosanna with a rich tapestry of the human experience.

What I like to do in my free time.

I am a passionate about Yoga, Tango and all things organic. My monthly women’s book group has grown me into the author I am. I love literary genius and its contribution to the world. I am an emerging Artist within the abstract lineage. Whenever possible I travel to exotic locations to indulge my writing passion.

My next novel.

A Jewish wife of a Tasmanian convict in 1835, fights to regain her marital rights within the eternal messiness of a love triangle.  This is a story of corruption and betrayal, and a secret too painful to tell. It is set in the harsh inhospitable climate of early Hobart-town, Tasmania.

Why I love writing

Writing is in my genes. It consumes me. In diving deep into the space of literary creation, I find joy, comfort and challenge.

About writing …

Never chuck out your ‘shitty-first-copy’. It’s gold.

And write every day. No matter what! 

My favourite genres

Fiction, erotica and historical novels.

My favourite authors and books.

Richard Flannigan.

  • ‘The Long Road to the Deep North’.
  • ‘Sound of One Hand Clapping’.

Anthony Doerr.

  • ‘All the Light we Cannot See’.

Heather Rose

  • ‘Bruny’
  • ‘Nothing Bad ever Happens Here’.
  • ‘The Museum of Modern Love’.

Deborah Dank

  • ‘We come with This Place’.

I am inspired by …

The common simple stories of every human. The poets of ancient times who show us the importance of every experience, good or bad. The global stories of humanitarian leaders. And life in all its wondrous and challenging ways.

  • Rumi – 13th Century Poet.
  • Bob Brown. Greens Senator Australia.
  • May-Ann Madden. ‘The Inner Energy’ spiritual healing. Brisbane.  
  • Ghandi.
  • Nelson Mandala.
  • Mother Theresa

Would I like readers to contact me?

Absolutely yes! You can reach me via the Hawkeye contact page here.

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