Anna Sarelas

Anna Sarelas
Author Anna Sarelas

Anna Sarelas writes upper middle grade and young adult fantasy that Jaclyn Moriarty describes as ‘Delightfully original, twisty-turny, and thought-provoking.’ 

Anna leads a double life.

By day, she has a serious role managing complex workplace scenarios.

By night, Anna writes about LightWorkers and kids doing cool things like saving the world and fighting to be heard.

Living in Sydney Australia, and close to great cafes, bushwalk trails and in an area with thousands of bats that come out at night, Anna tries hard to not mix her days and nights, because then that would be a little too hard to explain.

If Anna is not writing, she is chasing laughter – with friends, shows, or wherever laughter is to be found.

Oh, and beauty, she can be found chasing beauty! Crunchy leaves, white sand, incredible clothes, fashion parades, and the eyes of people she loves.

Anna has a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing.

Lightworkers is her debut novel.

If you’d like to contact Anna, you can do so via the Hawkeye Contact page here.

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