An Archangel’s Gift: A Review by Carolyn Martinez

An Archangel’s Gift by Edward Spellman – A highly recommended read for those exploring the meaning of life. Five stars …

Edward Spellman is a bricklaying tradie. The book commences in July 1996 when he is in a serious car accident and presumed dead by those first on scene. He describes a feeling of white light, purity unfelt here on earth, and a connectedness between all living things; that all are one.

I was immediately hooked because I’d had that experience myself. My sister and brother-in-law were murdered in 2000. Two years later I was driving my car towards my sister’s gravesite, so deep in the throes of grief, chronic sleeplessness and hatred towards my sister’s killer, that I felt that I was about to lose my mind; teetering on the verge of a nervous breakdown. 

When I previously didn’t believe in evil or hatred and then found myself consumed by them, I lost myself. My entire system of core beliefs was dismantled in one traumatic night.

On this day, I didn’t care that I was about to lose my mind. I cared only that my sister was dead and she was never coming back. I was observing what was happening to my mind, rather than being particularly invested in what was to come. I was beyond caring about myself.

Body shaking (I think even two years on I was still a little in shock), tears falling for my sister and what had happened to her, I was suddenly enveloped in a white yellow-ish glow of pure love that was unlike anything I’d felt here on earth. 

I felt – as opposed to saw or heard – my sister smile and say to me, ‘I’m not there (the grave). It’s all going to be okay.’ 

I was bathed in pure love, and from that moment on I knew there was something more … that we all come from pure love, and we all return to pure love, and that Julie was somewhere untouched, unblemished, magnificent.

That moment saved me from losing my mind I’m sure. I’ve not experienced it again, although the moment’s comfort sustains me still.

Edward goes much further. He talks of standing with Jesus and two archangels looking over his body, and having to make a choice whether to go with them, or return to his body and fulfil his life’s destiny.

An Archangel’s Gift is filled with stories from Edward’s life, and messages he receives from Jesus and the archangels.

What makes Edward and An Archangel’s Gift stand out from similar self-published works is that he’s had his book professionally edited. The writing is clear and of an extremely high standard. The book is structured to be an easy, meaningful read. I congratulate him on taking this last essential step to take his book to the next level, and making it worthy of its audience.

He also hasn’t rushed it – it’s taken him over a decade to record and decipher the messages he’s received.

An Archangel’s Gift is well presented and filled with interesting information, but I am supposing it will not be for everyone because of its references to Jesus.

Personally, the book highly resonated with me. In my head, I call the pure light ‘Julie’ – my sister’s name, a nickname I’ve given it that feels ‘right’ to me.

The concept of pure love and interconnectedness between all things is the same as what I know to be true, and as described by Edward. He calls it Jesus. I call it ‘Julie’.

Edward talks of no longer being able to go kangaroo hunting, and why.

Since being visited by Julie, I can no longer kill even a spider inside my house. I have to pick them up and put them outside. I found Edward’s explanation why to be very illuminating.

Without giving everything away, there is much, much more contained in the pages of An Archangel’s Gift.

I couldn’t put the book down. I read it over two days.

I highly recommend An Archangel’s Gift as well-written, extremely thought-provoking, and easy-to-read. I didn’t find it preachy. Rather, I found it genuine and absorbing. Because of my previous experience, I believe him. I feel grateful that this book landed in my lap to be reviewed for our bookstore. I wasn’t looking for it, and I certainly wasn’t expecting it, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

A very good read for those exploring the meaning of life.

An Archangel’s Gift is featured in Hawkeye’s Bookstore as a quality-vetted read.

The reviewer – Carolyn Martinez – is the author of Finding Love Again and Inspiring IVF Stories. And children’s picture books Places to Poop, The Umbilical Family, Discombobulated and It’s Raining Shoes under pen name Cate Sawyer.

Carolyn Martinez

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