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Stories from Under the Southern Cross.

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A collection of jolly good tales from the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition 2019. A socially important collection that represents the way Australians think about our country. These stories will delight, captivate, surprise, and move you.

Sydney Hammond Short Story Competition 2019

Entrants were asked to write stories about diversity in Australia and the short story entrants didn’t disappoint. The scope and breadth of each writer’s ideas was inspiring, living up to the requirements of diversity in voice, ideas and representation.

Short story writing thriving in Australia

Judges, C. T. Mitchell, Kylie Kaden and Carolyn Martinez, were very impressed by the quality and calibre of writing, storytelling and topics, which covered everything from the refugee experience, life in rural Australia, living with a physical or mental disability, immigration and the challenges of trying to blend two cultures together, and so much more. Including a diversity of genres, with one successful entry written in the absurd genre.

Allsorts: stories about diversity in Australia

We’re incredibly proud to share this Anthology representative of Australians and their vast backgrounds, experiences and thoughts.

Read more about Allsorts and the winning entry New Girl by Christine Johnson.


‘Trying to choose a winner from the top four was challenging. The writing was exemplary and the wonderful mix of story ideas was really inspiring. Given what we see in Allsorts, Australian short fiction has a bright future’…

Carolyn Martinez, Judge, Sydney Hammond Short Story Competition 2019

‘It takes skill to capture character development, depth, emotion, suspense, twists and turns in a short piece. All these writing techniques were on display in the competition entries. It was a real thrill to judge. The top four should give themselves a big pat on the back – it was a competitive field’…

C. T. Mitchell, Judge, Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition 2019

Allsorts contains these short stories:

  • New Girl by Christine Johnson (First Place)
  • A Life Lesson by Diane Clarke (Second Place)
  • Home Visit by Lesley Boland (Third Place)
  • Marginalised Bonds by Shira Deutsch (Fourth Place)
  • A Man Among Friends by Hu Spooner (Short-Listed)
  • Roads Taken by Carl Preller (Short-Listed)
  • Dear Depression by Natascha Sprzagala (Short-Listed)
  • Braiding by Jane Turner-Goldsmith (Short-Listed)
  • Angel by Kata Kiss (Short-Listed)
  • Busking in Alice Springs by Rees Campbell (Short-Listed)
  • Posh Spice by Richard Teague (Long-listed)
  • Wozaustralia by John Longhurst (Long-listed)
  • Satin Bowerbird by Estelle Owen (Long-listed)
  • Joanna Speaks for Her Mother by Valentina Reiken (Long-listed)
  • Mydgee by Tim Moraitis (Long-listed)
  • Blooming by Cindy Ng (Long-listed)
  • A True Kindness by Simone Busch (Long-listed)
  • Solace by Hannah Bilby (Long-listed)
  • Mother Knows Best by Hayley Myors (Long-listed)
  • We Lived in India by Yvette Cusack (Long-listed)
  • Panic in the City by Jenny Woolsey (Long-listed)
  • Pacific Safety by Anne-Marie Smith (Long-listed)
  • A Love Letter from God by Victoria Griffin (Long-listed)
  • Most Days by Maria Radanov (Long-listed)
  • No Worries by Janet Brenkman (Long-listed)
  • Home Ground by Ruth Gould (Long-listed)
  • Leah by Dianne Scotte (Long-listed)
  • Perfect Match by Sarah Jane Justice (Long-listed)
  • My Dog, My Magic by Daniel Yuen (Long-listed)
  • Uncle Leonard’s Secret by Annie Mullarvey (Long-listed)
  • The New Neighbours and Their Swimming Pool Garden by Annie Mullarvey (Long-listed)
  • Nit-picking by S. E. Hermanoczki (Long-listed)
  • Loving Nalini by Rachel Armstrong (Long-listed)
  • Brown’ and ‘Confused‘ by Smita Riju (Long-listed)
  • Rare Twins by Ramah Juta (Long-listed)
  • Thai Travel Travails by Rees Campbell (Long-listed)
  • Cotton’s Dad by David Bobis (Long-listed)
  • Vacating by Jessica Andreatta (Long-listed)
  • Biboohra – The Night The Floods Came by Rosalie Enstrom (Long-listed)
  • The Teacher by Sandra Macgregor (Long-listed)
  • Harvest & Wild Dags by Anne Other (Long-listed)
  • The New Shearer’s Cook by Risto Apuli (Long-listed)
  • Just Gus by Simone Busch (Long-listed)
  • Who Are You Calling Wog? by Silvana Nagl (Guest post by volunteer proofreader)

The Allsorts anthology is available now for pre-order. Every effort is being made to have Allsorts delivered in time for Christmas 2019, however, Hawkeye Publishing cannot be held liable if this timeframe is not met as we cannot control printing and delivery processes.


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Would you love to see your work feature in a future anthology? The theme for the Sydney Hammond Short Story Competition 2020 is ‘If Only’.

Carolyn Martinez

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