Aisling and Amelia

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Genre: Fiction | Children’s Picture Book

Aisling and Amelia Synopsis

For all aspiring ballerinas.

Aisling loves chocolate, ladybirds, and hopscotch, but her favourite thing of all is ballet. When Miss Karissa invites Aisling to perform a duet with Amelia, Aisling is unsure. Can two very different girls become friends?


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‘Aisling and Amelia’ will be released 2023 – 2024. Date to be advised.

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Reviews for Aisling and Amelia by Eileen O’Hely.

‘A book that offers hope, that encourages understanding, that proves the worth of friends, that says, “Chin up! You can do it’.’

Gary Crew. Professor Emeritus, (Creative Writing) Uni Sunshine Coast

‘Interwoven with melodic classical ballet terminology and images of childhood fun, Aisling & Amelia describes a special connection between two young ballet students and how they learn to see beyond their differences and grow to understand the true nature of friendship.’

Michelle Machen Dip Ed, RAD RTS, ARAD 

Aisling and Amelia is a heartfelt story about friendship and doing what you love. Aisling’s creativity shines through along with Amelia’s perseverance, and the illustrations give life to the dance moves.  O’Hely seamlessly integrates ballet terminology into the plot, making the book both fun and educational. A must for anyone wanting to learn more about ballet or how to be a good friend.’

Madi Manning and Jane Doherty Teacher-Librarians, Kelvin Grove State College

‘A beautifully written story about two ballerinas that discover they have more in common than they ever imagined…A story that should find its way onto shelves far and wide for its subtle message about how disability is never the most interesting or defining thing about a person.’

’Kylie Kaden, Bestselling Author

‘Aisling and Amelia” is a sweet story that centres on the developing friendship between an able-bodied dancer and a dancer with a limb difference. Nurtured inclusively by their supportive dance teacher Miss Karissa, the girls each overcome their fears, doubts, and nerves, to learn and perform a duet together. In the process of sharing their common passion for dance, the two girls become enduring best friends. O’Hely tells a truly inclusive story, reflecting the full participation and contribution of all bodies in dance, and the power of dance to bring people together.’

Rachel Richmond | Dance and Drama Teacher

‘A charming story little girls will love. The playful language patterns and absorbing illustrations help normalise disability, making it a valuable addition to the beloved ballerina genre.’

Jasmine Lewers, Reviewer.

‘O’Hely’s Aisling & Amelia is a brilliant example of the growth and warmth of reading, by how it develops empathy in both readers and children by adopting character perspectives. The forgotten ballet shoe as a transition tool to understanding disability was elegant and beautiful, Finns’ illustrations complementing sincerity with joy, comfort and warmth.’

Lawrey Goodrick, Author Cans for Change.

‘Few want to be pitied, we all just want to be accepted and appreciated for who we are, and to feel like we matter just as much as everyone else. Aisling and Amelia is an important book. It introduces and normalises disability to young minds in a respectful, poignant and powerful way. It also celebrates a love of dance, and learning tricky words. Five stars.’

Cate Sawyer, Author.

‘Cute and satisfying, every girl will want to dance with Aisling and Amelia. The demeanour of friendships are created on differences and similarities, this one is appealing. Chocolate, ladybirds and friendship, just add pink for the perfect day. Children of all ages will be tickled pink with Aisling and Amelia.’

Kyle Cunningham, Author.

‘A thoughtfully written and charmingly illustrated story. A good introduction for children unfamiliar with disability.’

Alex Jay McDonald, Creative Contributor & Designer.

Like to learn more about Eileen O’Hely? Visit her Hawkeye author page here or on Facebook.

Eileen O'Hely
Eileen O’Hely – Author of Aisling and Amelia | Location: Brisbane

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